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Self-Employed Suite of Services

Coaching and strategic planning on specific business strategies

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Website Brand Messaging

Research shows that people make a decision 70% on their own whether to hire or buy from you before they contact you. Where are they getting their information? Most likely your website. That’s why it’s imperative your website is saying the right things to the right people. Improving your brand messaging will increase the volume of inquiries and assure that you’re only working with your ideal customers.


In our work together, we’ll focus on the home page because that’s what is most important today. But we’ll also make sure the interior pages are effective and aligned with the messaging on the home page.


  • Understand your ideal clients at a much deeper level. What makes them tick and what emotionally draws them in.

  • Learn to speak their lingo in your messaging so they feel like you really “get them.”

  • Develop a Stand Out Statement that instantly speaks to your ideal customer

  • We’ll collaborate to write all the copy and messaging for your home page

  • We’ll create a website map following the Emotional Journey website template to provide your website developer making it very easy and cost effective to complete your website.

7-8 45-minute calls over two months: $5000

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Podcast Launch Strategy

Having a podcast as part of your business strategy can be a great idea. However, in order for it be effective and worth the effort, there has to be a clear understanding of the objective and a clear path to meet your goals. Otherwise, it can become a huge time-suck, a “nice to have”, but not serve your business. As a podcast host for more than 8 years and 800 episodes, I know a lot about this space and will share everything you need to know to be strategic about launching a podcast so you get real benefit from it.



  • Get clear on the objective of your podcast

  • Create an overall brand theme and message so you stay on brand

  • Develop the strategy and online assets you need to meet your objective

  • Plenty of tips and insights to save you time and money

Three 45-minute calls in one month: $2500

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Podcast Guesting Strategy

Being a guest on podcasts can be a fantastic way to spread the word about you and your work. However, not done with a clear strategy, it can also be a huge waste of time. And with so many people turning to podcasts to promote their business, it’s harder than ever to get on shows. Believe me, with over 8 years experience as a host, 99.9% of pitches get ignored and most guests bring great value to the show but don’t serve themselves well at all. Let’s not waste your time and see to it that you leverage the wonderful opportunity that podcast guesting offers.


I will teach you how to be an awesome podcast guest and get the results you want to grow your reputation and business.



  • How to determine the right shows that are worth your effort

  • Write a compelling pitch that won’t get ignored

  • Develop the lead magnet and simple domain you need to lead listeners to your offer

  • Training on how to stay on message and brand during the interview and be memorable

Three 45-minute calls in one month: $2500

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Book Backend Services

Few authors make much money from book sales. Sure, a great book can position you as an authority. But the real money is in the backend services the book can lead to. Too often, authors are so busy writing the book, they don’t prepare for the real opportunity to make themselves known as an authority in their space and create a business model that can be highly profitable. Let’s unpack what your book is about and create the backend services that align with your message and make you lots of money!



  • Brainstorm ideas for backend services that your book can lead to

  • Come up with the big idea for your backend services

  • Develop the structure of your offer

  • Create the messaging of your offer

Three 45-minute calls in one month: $2500


Strategic Thinking Partner

Often in business we don’t know what we need. As your strategic thinking partner I’ll be able to see what you can’t see and clarify a path forward for you. Often the best ideas and innovation comes from not knowing where it’s going but being open to all that’s possible. That’s the goal of this session.


Some possibilities include:

  • Getting unstuck in business

  • Clarifying your goals

  • Ideas to take your business to the next level

  • Develop ideas for a TEDx

  • Create marketing and branding strategies

One 90-minute call: $1250

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